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Qatari men know how to tickle a ladies curiosity

I can’t help but to love the Qatari men. They are non-aggressive; they look down when you make eye contact. I never had a Qatari man approach me, stare at me, make kissy noises or follow me down the street. They are dressed in white thobe (coat) with Ghutra (cloth placed on the head) and Ogaal (rope to hold it in place). While I sat in the souq I noticed the young men were walking around, always fussing with their scarf. Taking one side and flipping it back over their heads, then the other side, it’s very sexy and apparently they are doing it to attract a ladies attention. It worked on me!

The thobe is a coat for a man to wear in public, for the purpose of being modestly dressed. And it works; it hides the shape of their body. This makes them even more intriguing. What’s underneath? Are they all muscle and tone? Do they work out? Does he have a nice butt? These men know how to tickle a ladies curiosity.

Do you like men in uniforms? I do. The thobe reminds me of a uniform. Police officers, firemen, army, the navy, oh the navy boys! Men in uniforms are attractive. Is it the clean cut look we are attracted to or the sense of authority? I like the clean cut look that these guys have.

And they have the right amount of facial hair. I like a man with a little scruff. These guys have managed facial hair that looks clean cut, artful, sexy and manly – all at the same time. They’ve got it, western men take note!

While sitting at a restaurant in the souq, the most attractive Qatari man sits 2 tables away from me. He’s alone, I’m alone, Goodie! Maybe we can sip coffee together, smoke shisha and talk. I would enjoy the company of an attractive man. I wasn’t staring, I swear it, just looking his way and thinking to myself. Our eyes met, I gave the smallest of smiles. His eyes went wide, my eyes went wide in surprise and we both quickly looked away. After that he moved his chair back so he was hidden behind the restaurant door. I thought oh no, I’m shy, he’s shy too, this isn’t going to work.

I kept half an eye on him, but he didn’t peak out from behind the door. I bet he was looking at me when I wasn’t looking. It was getting late and I decided to pay and walk back to my hotel. I walked inside and was right by his table. I asked for the bill, went to the bathroom, then came back and chatted with the waitresses for a minute. I turned and left, we never made eye contact again. I walked out boldly and stumbled down the steps. I felt so foolish, like a teenage girl that doesn’t know what she is doing. It’s no wonder I haven’t had a boyfriend in 5 years, I can’t even walk down steps in the presence of an attractive man!

I started walking and realized I was going in the wrong direction. When I came back, he was gone. I believe he fled as soon as I left, probably in fear that I would come back (and I did) or my american accent scared him off. My accent is actually canadian but no one can tell the difference, not even me Qatari men know how to tickle a ladies curiosity . I was a little sad, I wish I would have been bold enough to it least say hi.

Ok, After a few days of men looking down every time I looked at them. I started to feel funny about it. Like I was being aggressive, or rude, or I was scaring them all away. It turns out that I was probably being rude. So I tried to look, without looking, it worked a little better.

Qatari men come across as shy or maybe reserved is the better way to describe them. But are they really? I don’t have a clue how courtship works here. So I inquired on google. Arranged marriages are still common in Qatar, although love marriages are possible. It can’t be easy to meet a man or women in Qatar if you’re looking for a love marriage. I noticed young couples sitting by the sea in the evening. Certainly, the young people are meeting and dating, probably at university or other activities they are involved in, or they are newlyweds. Here’s an article that describes the process of arranged marriages in Qatar:

It doesn’t sound so bad, there’s a period of time (about 6 months) before the official marriage when they can get to know each other, then choose to break up if it isn’t working out. I simply can’t imagine my family arranging a marriage for me. If I had an arranged marriage, it least I could blame my mom for my husband instead of myself. It least you’d be married Sarah – is what my mom is thinking while reading this Qatari men know how to tickle a ladies curiosity According to the article, I have passed a reasonable marrying age and I’m now a spinster. Yikes! Arranged marriages are a hard concept for me to grasp as a Canadian. If I only had one choice in life to make, I would like it to be the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with. I’m thankful for the many choices I have.

I can’t imagine dating in an Islam country, although lots of foreign women do. The laws are too restrictive for me. No pre-marital sex. Marriage is a big commitment to make. I think most north americans, men and women, like to try before they buy, so to speak. Girls will be girls, boys will be boys, I wonder how often that law is broken.

In Egypt you see a lot of foreign women with an Egyptian man. There is an agreement you can enter into, it basically means the man and women both consent to their relationship and it’s a way to get around having to be ‘fully’ married before having sex. It’s similar to a common law relationship in Canada. I don’t think they have something similar in Qatar.

I’ll remember the Qatari man at the restaurant as one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but wonder, are Qatari men good lovers?


  1. cookie

    woooowww.. i love this article. i can relate to this. i love to stare and look at those black dark eyes of qatari man. and their white ironed laundry white thobe. good i have already catched one great lover qatari man for me. im just a filipina who is also inlove with a local guy here in town.

    • Hannah

      good for you… I’m ready to fall for local guy….

  2. evgen

    nicen unden postenerun evgenwatch

  3. supersnowgirl

    I’m a British girl, and have been dating a Qatari for almost 2 years now. So I can answer your last question with a resounding YES! He’s extremely handsome and definitely the best lover I’ve ever had. :D

    • Sleeky

      Oh! Good for you…But they are too shy.

  4. Muhammed Rashid

    your kidding me? seriously?
    im from qatar, and believe me qatari guys suck toward girls and foreigners.
    trust me i know them im qatari.
    EVERY single time a girl no matter how she looks comes to my guys only school (which qatari guys usually go to) they follow the girl around, making disgusting sounds that are supposed to be moans, and say rude things behind her back.
    most family men who are 30+ try to ignore foreigners and still say rude things behind their back.

    i don’t know what you saw but trust me i know them.

    for goodness sake all they do is stare at girls and say stuff like ”look at those boobs” and what not
    and they even dry hump eachother in school and…ughhhh
    im annoyed you actually wonder how good in bed they are.

    they don’t believe in romance and they have no ambitions..
    everyone expects everyone there to finish highschool (which has a very bad teaching system) and work either in an office or work as one of the army or police…

    damn im sorry but you have a very wrong perpective on qatari men and teens..

    im one of those who ARE actually different, i want to be either a marine biologist or study something in physics..and did i mention other qatari teens think im complicated because im this good in english and i actually want to be a marine biologist? ughhhh god.

    this is all wrong qatari teens are idiots who care only about the land cruisers their dads give them and totally disrespect foreigners…forget it they are horrible im embarrassed about being born here.

  5. Maha

    Hey, My name is Maha and I am a Qatari woman.
    What Muhammed Rashid said is true but you can’t think all Qatari people are like that!
    Im in a english school and my classmate’s father is Qatari and her mom is American.

    The problem is there are some school students in public schools which are either a boys or girls schools. My guy classmate used to be in a public school, and he told me that they dont see women and when they do they become crazy (My reaction -.-?) and that he was shocked the guys in my school arent that crazy, he said it himself that its because they dont get to see girls at all that they start over reacting when they see one.

    Just like Muhammed willing to study something interesting there are other guys studying engineering, business and other things.

    It will be really hard for you to be in a relationship with a Qatari guy.
    Most Qatari mothers dont want their sons marrying foreigners (esp English speaking countries)
    If you want to date a Qatari guy then he should give a big signal that he wouldn’t mind talking to you.

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